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This past decade has had some amazing characters, from television, movies and books. I tried to narrow it down to ten characters (and failed) who I thought stood out the most. I tried to look at it all rather objectively, and tried not to chose my favorite characters, but rather the ones who I thought were the most well-rounded. Characters who develop as their story progresses and really show some depth. Hopefully that came across in my choices for:



It's impossible not to love Amélie. In her spare time, she tries to guess how many people are having orgasms right now. (Fifteen) She's got overwhelmingly adorable quirkiness, but is painfully shy. Her shyness, while frustrating at times, is always so incredibly relatable. I cannot count how many times I have been standing near the guy I like and just... continued... to stand there. Amélie suffers from this throughout the film, and yet still manages to do secret good deeds for everyone she cares about. She really is a fantastic character, even if not the bravest ever, she definitely has the biggest heart.

I love that Michael Emerson was hired to play Ben (back when we still thought his name was "Henry Gale") for what he thought would be a guest spot for a few episodes and then went on to become one of the main villains of Lost and winning an Emmy for the role. I mean, I guess you can call Ben a villain. He certainly was portrayed as one throughout seasons two and three, but afterwards everything begins to get a bit grey. It's difficult to call someone a "villain" once you understand his story and support his goals. Ben is terrifying, he is cold. He is apathetic and emotional at the same time. Ben cannot be trusted. Ever.

Eric is one of those characters that is so good at hiding his emotions that in the few instances where he fails to conceal them, we latch on to every facial twitch and voice pitch. And Alexander Skarsgard is absolutely fantastic at it. Through his interviews, you can tell how deeply he understands Eric's character and really connects with him. Eric has this casual aloofness where you can tell he is powerful just from his presence alone, and he knows it. He rarely dresses for an occasion, frequently walking around in Sue
Sylvester-esque jogging suits, as if he knows he doesn't have to impress anyone. And it's true. We're already impressed.

As you'll see, I've noted Hermione not as "portrayed by Emma Watson" but instead crediting her to J.K. Rowling, hopefully to distinguish that I'm really referring to the Hermione of the books, and merely using images of Watson for picspam purposes. (It's kind of tricky to picspam a book) Not that I have any problem with Emma Watson, I simply don't picture her as Hermione. Anyway. Why Hermione is amazing. It's really quite obvious, isn't it? She's brilliant and unashamed. She's compassionate and talented. Despite her perpetual fear of failure, she still manages to be as strong as ever.

Azula is the one of the reasons why season three of Avatar: The Last Airbender was as amazing as it was. Instead of being the typical maniacal villain, Azula is a goddamn sociopath. Everyone is terrified of her, from her best friends to her mother. And as the third season develops, Azula's mental state deteriorates. By the series finale, she has quite nearly lost her mind to paranoia. Grey DeLisle did a perfect job as her voice, to the point where her tone in the last few episodes gave me the chills more than once. A prodigy from childhood, Azula is formidable battle, and unbeatable as long as her mind is clear.

Of course, here I'm referring to Evan Wright and HBO's characterization of Ray Person, not the real guy, though I'm sure he's not all that different from PJ Ransone's portrayal of him. Ray's character is a hard one to pin down, as he seems to be a Rip Fueled warrior who spends most of his time ranting about "the pussy infrastructure" of Iraq. But the man is brilliant. You just try repairing a radio while driving a Humvee off the unkept roads of Iraq in pitch darkness. All while singing off-key interpretations of awful Avril Lavigne songs. But if you pay close enough attention, you'll see that Ray's antics are more than drug-induced rants. He is often the only thing that brings some of his fellow marines back down to Earth, as the stable insanity of the platoon. It makes it all the more heartbreaking that none of them can be there like that for him when he reaches his own breaking point.

I'm not sure there's much more I can say about Sheldon that hasn't been said before. He's annoying and adorable and frustrating and crazy and of course intelligent beyond belief. And his shameless dorkiness doesn't hurt much either. Sheldon is one of the characters you can't believe you love but you do. But you'd certainly never want to know him in real life.

I swear, this show has the most awesome female characters ever. And it does it so effortlessly! I mean come on. A blind, sarcastic girl who also happens to be the most awesome earthbender ever? Oh? You're trapped in a metal cage? No problem, Toph will just invent a whole new kind of bending to get you out of there. Seriously.

I only saw this movie once in theaters a while ago, so forgive me if my facts are a bit off, but if I remember correctly, Shosanna is fucking awesome. I understand that at this point in the picspam, I have pretty much resorted to ranting about how ridiculously cool these characters are, but come on. Can you honestly say that you'd be able to have dessert with the man who killed your family and simply sit there nodding, and then quietly leaving while calmly plotting your fiery, fiery revenge? Yeah.

So far, I have only watched the first season of this show, but from what I can tell, Veronica never falters to be the strong, brilliant character she has been. Occasionally (or perhaps more than occasionally) I want to be Veronica Mars. Just for her resourcefulness alone (it would certainly make job applications a lot easier). One of my favorite things is that even though Veronica has been through hell, she never asks the audience to pity her. She remains headstrong throughout all of the crap, and even when she shows her weaknesses, she never gives up and lets someone else handle her problems.

Walter is the most lovable mad scientist ever. And never the angry mad. The crazy food-obsessed, absent minded, "oh hey do you have any cadavers handy?" kind of mad. And from what I can tell, mad Walter is much preferable to sane Walter, the one who deserted his family and experimented on humans. Mad Walter loves nothing more than his son. Sure the madness compromises his genius, but that seems like a worthwhile sacrifice.

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